An Insight Into Medical Transport

ambulanceMedical transportation is an important element in provision of quality and satisfying health care service. Every patient who seeks treatment in a hospital needs this vital component of health care provision to reach the health care service centers with ease and get the appropriate treatment. The aim of medical transportation is to give integrated and high-quality medical transportation services to the patients involved.

Types of medical transport

Emergency medical transport

This type of medical transportation involves medical situations that require immediate medical attention. Time wastage cannot be tolerated in this type of medical transport since the patients wholly depend on how fast the transportation team can reach the hospital. Emergency medical transportation is mostly provided by hospitals and governmental organizations. There is few number of private owners who provide this service. Vehicles transporting patients who need immediate medical attention are often equipped with materials that can enable the transporters to support the life before getting to the hospitals, e.g., electrocardiogram machines( for heart attack diagnosis) and Oxygen supporters. However, the emergency transporting team should consist of qualified personnel with prudent knowledge of first-hand handling of patients with acute illnesses that need immediate medical attention.

Non-emergency medical transport

Non emergency medical transportation is a form of medical transportation that is provided in non- emergency situations mainly to those patients who need special medical attention. It means that a candidate for non-emergency medical transport is stable but still needs medical attention. Most individuals suffering from chronic illnesses such as diabetes and some cardiovascular disorders are ideal candidates for this category.
The modes of transportation used in non-emergency transportation vary from helicopters, Ambulances and Wheelchairs. Many hospitals use these from of transportation to transport the patients across different sections within the hospitals or to transfer their patients to another hospital.

Many hospitals are now offering non-emergency medical transportation services as part of their service catalogue. It is also available in many specialized companies that are licensed by the relevant authorities in different states.

ambulanceNon-emergency medical transportation is lower compared to the emergency transportation. This is largely due to fewer incidences of medical intervention that are usually experienced by the medical staff in emergency transportation. There are several insurance firms and organization in the US that are now offering affordable premiums in helping h people to cater for medical transportation. Medicaid is one of the most recognized schemes that are helping the people in the US to cover for their medical transportation costs.

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