Medical Transportation For The Elderly

When it comes to medical transportation for the elderly, many people opt for the best means. The elderly people are mostly considered the fragile type. Therefore, they require special handling when it comes to transportation to the hospital.

elderly caregiverUsing any other means of transportation can be a great disservice to this special group. Therefore, one should arrange a flexible and effective medical transport system for the seniors.

For example, many emergency medical service providers engage their drivers in a special training on techniques of handling elderly patients. The training includes how to interact with the patients during the transit time. They ensure that the elderly patient has a comfortable experience until they reach the hospital.

Several medical emergency services take into account the inability of many elderly patients to move around. As a result, they offer Door through door pick up services to make it very easier for the patients to access the cars. The medical staffs also go an extra mile to assist the patients to get ready for the appointments.

Quite some elderly patients have immobility issues. Some cannot move at all and, as a result, they are always confined to wheelchairs. Medical transport has a team of qualified staff to that will handle the elderly patient in a satisfying manner. They also have the equipment necessary to make the patient have a comfortable experience to the hospital. Taking a normal vehicle with drivers who have no skill to handle the elderly patient in a wheelchair can make the patient develop complications on transit to the hospital since they need a special care.

Long distance medical transportation

Traveling long distances to seek medical attention can be a tiresome and stressful experience, and most of the patients don’t like long distance medical transportation especially if it is by road. Therefore, it is vital for the a medical transport system that takes into account the negative perception that many people have on long distance traveling.

A properly organized medical transportation team can make long distance traveling be one of the best experiences for the clients. The medical transport should provide the patient with the luxury and the comfort they need. The medical transport system should also be in a position to accommodate a variety of patients ranging from Disabled, handicap and the elderly.

The cheapest mode of long distance medical transport is by road, and many people prefer it to other means. Due to the influx of some people using road transportations a lot of medical transportation companies are now offering transportation services for long distances.

long distance medical transportation

The companies use vehicles popularly known as medical coaches to transport the patients. Inside these coaches is an amazing environment fully integrated with the necessary equipment to give the patient a fascinating and comforting travel experience. For instance, the coaches are designed with equipment such as pulse oximeter, suction unit, incontinent care and the pressure areas and lobby for ministering medicines to the patient while on transit.

The coaches also contain luxury facilities to make the travel more comfortable. Some of the things you will find in these vehicles include,
• TV and music
• Pet getting allowed in the vehicle
• Complete lavatory provisions
• Comfortable sleeping place for a family member.
• Wheel chair and stretcher
• Full kitchen with refrigeration for desired foods
• Air bag suspensions for smooth rides.

The long distance transport should also have a qualified nurse who is ready to work / hours to ensure that your patient is comfortable through the whole journey. It also important for the team to have a list of contact hospitals that operates along the route where they can stop for any urgent medical situation that may arise during the transit.
However, it is important that the patient has a company of a loved one during the transit period instead of the transporting team. It is important because a loved one gives the patient that homely environment where she can talk freely and laugh without fearing anyone. The patient also needs to have someone whom they trust and is comfortable with whom he or she can tell about any problem that might be affecting them.

Having someone accompany the patient is also important when it comes to the patient’s medical history. At least having someone that will narrate to the transporting team in the patient’s medical situation is mandatory so that they can know better ways to handle the patient.

The loved one can also contribute to taking care of the patient. She can do this by reporting any unusual changes in the patterns of the patient’s condition and report them to the nurse available on the vehicle.